Traditional vs Liquid Floor Screed

Floor screed is a layer of cementitious (cement and sharp sand, although Liquid Screed uses fewer aggregates) mix used as a finishing layer often covering internal floors. Commonly used to level out a subfloor, especially when the surface is uneven. Both traditional and liquid floor screeds are effective at delivering a smooth even surface to a subfloor in domestic and commercial properties across Kent.

Traditional Floor Screed

Traditional floor screed is generally applied as a thick layer to best prevent cracking or shrinkage occuring once dry, you can request fibre additions to your floor screed to help minimise shrinkage cracking and increase strength too. Metromix Concrete can add retarders into your mix to slow down the hydration of the cement to allow more time to work with the screed.

Benefits of Traditional Screed:

  • Dry screed can be used to create non-flat areas such as a wet-room for example.
  • In-expensive, most affordable type of screed.

Liquid Screed

A liquid screed is applied as a thinner layer due to it’s composition (uses smaller and fewer aggregates for a better flowing consistency). A thinner layer of liquid screed can be stronger than a thicker depth of a traditional flood screed. This thinner layer of liquid screed can allow for use of a thicker floor installation.

The fluid consistency of liquid floor screed allows it to be poured or pumped into place, very fast to install, reducing time and labour costs.

Liquid floor screed is the best solution to cover underfloor heating, due to it’s ability to completely surround pipes making heat transfer more effective.

Benefits of Liquid Screed:

  • Quicker application – very fast to install, cementitious reducing drying time and compatible with cement-based adhesives.
  • Given it’s strength can be used in places with more footfall.
  • Best solution when used to cover underfloor heating.
  • Can be polished for a polished concrete floor finish.

Liquid floor screed can be seen as the superior product, faster to install, reduced drying time, strong composition. But as always please contact Metroxmix Concrete for FREE advice on your floor screed requirements on 0800 680 1774 and our concrete specialists will be happy to assist.

Metromix concrete are ready-mix concrete and screed specialists based in Sittingbourne delivering locally, covering Rochester, Medway, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells as well as the wider Kent area. We also cover London and the South East on request.

*The above information is a product overview, our concrete specialists should always be consulted prior to placing your order.

Liquid Screed supplied to Central London direct from Metromix!