Floor Screed, KENT


  • Traditional floor screed is a cement and sharp sand mix that Metro Mix Concrete can deliver or if you prefer a small amount of floor screed for collection, this can be arranged at your convenience.
  • We can add retarders to your floor screed to slow down the hydration of the cement. This gives you more time to work with the screed.
  • You can request fibre additions to the floor screed to help prevent shrinkage, cracking and increase the strength too.


  • Our liquid screed is very fast to install and reduces time and labour costs.
  • Liquid floor screed is the very best solution for UNDERFLOOR HEATING projects.
  • It can be polished for that polished concrete floor finish.
  • Our liquid floor screed is cementitious which reduces drying time and is compatible with cement-based adhesives, so your project moves quicker.

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